Pre-Presbytery Conference on Republication

On September 26, 2013, the day before the stated meeting of the Presbytery of the Northwest in Portland, Oregon, the Presbytery sponsored a conference on the topic of Republication. The Presbytery determined to make the audio recording of the conference available. It refrained from recording the question and answer sessions in the afternoon. All four presenters are ministers in the Presbytery of the Northwest.

Presentation 1 (59 minutes, 6.7 MB) by Brett McNeill and Mark Collingridge sets forth the case for viewing the Mosaic covenant as in some sense a republication of the covenant of works. The handout made available at the beginning of the conference can be found here. Their paper, “Republication: A Biblical, Confessional and Historical Defense,” presented to the Presbytery is available.

Presentation 2 (54 minutes, 6.1 MB) by Randy Bergquist and Rob Van Kooten takes the view that the Klinean formulation of the Mosaic covenant as a covenant of works is specifically a recent formulation that appears to be out of harmony with the Westminster Standards. A copy of the audio of this presentation embedded in the PowerPoint that accompanied its original presentation is linked below. Earlier Messrs. Bergquist and Van Kooten, along with Andy Elam, had made available their paper, “A Booklet on Merit in the Doctrine of Republication” (link opens off site). In the text of the presentation, a communication to the PNW from Rev. Marc Renkema is referenced.  That document is accessible here:  “The Works-Merit Paradigm of Meredith Kline.”


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