PNW 2008-04

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Presbyters share prayer requests as they break into...
They pray together.
Fraternal address by the delegate from the United...
Bible Presbyterian fraternal observers.
PNW 024
The assistant clerk takes careful minutes.
Listening to debate.
Dan Dillard reports for the Committee on Candidates and...
Brett McNeill indicates his willingness to accept the...
Coffee time.
PNW 033
Young people in the congregation of First Orthodox...
PNW 037
When the Presbytery of the Northwest was organized in...
Benji Swinburnson answering questions during his...
Presbyters listen to the responses.
Pastor Peter Vosteen.
Pastor Mark Sumpter.
PNW 071
Ruling elder Tom Bradshaw, a member of the Committee on...
PNW 077
PNW 079
PNW 081
PNW 084

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